Zoë Wilkinson Saldaña Data scienctist + data librarian


Exploratory Text Analysis of the 'Sexual Harassment in Academia' Dataset [2018]

What does critical data science add to our understanding of sexual harassment in academia? I investigated the 3,000+ text survey responses using a variety of NLP/ML methods (feature analysis of a random forest classifier, LDA topic modeling)

python nlp machine learing tutorial feature selection

Climate Change Opinion Visualization [2018]

Do extreme weather events correlate with unexpected climate change beliefs? As the data science lead, I scraped and transformed NOAA climate data & survey results with sqlite & pandas to ingest into classifier.

modeling python SQL data visualization scraping & transforming

Sentiment Analysis for Exploratory Data Analysis [2018]

This peer-reviewed lesson uses sentiment analysis with NLTK and Python as the basis for exploratory data analysis of a large textual corpus. It is appropriate for readers with some basic prior experience programming with Python.

python nlp tutorial nltk

Mapping Modern Diasporic Jewish Cultures [2018]

Transnational Jewish modernity was born in the café. As the web developer lead, I created APIs and wrote scripts to transport GeoJSON data and generate network visualizations.

data visualization network analysis javascript python D3.js

Web Scraping and Data Processing with Python [2018]

This Jupyter Notebook was developed for our summer graduate fellowship in digital humanities. We introduce BeautifulSoup and explore methods of scraping data, grappling with pagination and messy text, and using iteration effectively.

python web scraping tutorial

REPARATIVE - A /#JamForLeelah Twine Submission (itch.io) [2015]

Newly hired by Reparative Faith Counseling, you take your first unsupervised client. How the sessions go is up to you. (This is a short game about trans youth, narratives, gender, and defying expectations to find kindness.)

twine game writing