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Mapping Modern Diasporic Jewish Cultures [2018]

Transnational Jewish modernity was born in the café. As the web developer lead, I created APIs and wrote scripts to transport GeoJSON data and generate network visualizations. (Full website launch coming Fall 2018)

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data visualization network analysis javascript python D3.js

Exploratory Text Analysis of the 'Sexual Harassment in Academia' Dataset [2018]

What does critical data science add to our understanding of sexual harassment in academia? I investigated the 3,000+ text survey responses to sexual harassment reports in higher ed, and used a variety of NLP/ML methods (feature analysis of a random forest classifier, LDA topic modeling)

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python nlp machine learing tutorial

Sentiment Analysis for Exploratory Data Analysis [2018]

This peer-reviewed lesson uses sentiment analysis with NLTK and Python as the basis for exploratory data analysis of a large textual corpus. It is appropriate for readers with some basic prior experience programming with Python.


python nlp tutorial nltk

Visualization of the NASA Space Shuttle program [2017]

'...As an inaugural project to get our digital projects studio thinking and managing a project, we used a dataset that recorded the distance traveled by each space shuttle launch from 1981 – 2011 and worked to visualize the total miles traveled for each shuttle as a hypothetical race to the red planet...''

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data visualization java/processing

REPARATIVE - A /#JamForLeelah Twine Submission (itch.io) [2015]

Newly hired by Reparative Faith Counseling, you take your first unsupervised client. How the sessions go is up to you. (This is a short game about trans youth, narratives, gender, and defying expectations to find kindness.)


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