My porfolio includes open source projects, research and technical writing, interactive fiction, and various essays. Feel free to explore my GitHub profile as well.


Visualization of the NASA Space Shuttle program. Tools used: Processing (Java), Python.

“From Networks to Scrapbooks: A Case Study of Data Visualization Consulting” (Digital Projects Studio blog). Tools used: Python, Cytoscape (Network analysis), Tableau.


Mediating effect of self-acceptance between values and offline/online identity expressions among college students (Computers in Human Behavior, published with former name)

Youth Perspectives on Tech in Schools: From Mobile Devices to Restrictions and Monitoring (Berkman Center Research Publications, published with former name)


“Mentorship in Making, Giant Sweet Potatoes, and Impulsivity: A Conversation with Allison Osberg” (MakerBridge)

My Path to Trans Motherhood (Buzzfeed)

Meeting – and Losing – Trans Friends On The Internet (Buzzfeed)

Transgender Today: Zoë Wilkinson (the New York Times)

Interactive Fiction

REPARATIVE: A #JamForLeelah Twine submission (itch.io)