I’m a data librarian in training living in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In 2011, I started teaching adult learners from diverse backrounds how to double-click, browse Wikipedia, and enter functions into Excel.

Six years later, I still love helping learners work towards their goals with technology, but I draw upon a different toolkit: developing web applications and open source software, consulting with clients from diverse backgrounds and with varying levels of technical expertise, mentoring young developers, and writing.

As a Data Visualization Intern in the Digital Projects Studio at the University of Michigan Library, I collaborate with small teams on projects spanning the data analysis pipeline, design and teach workshops, and write about code. Learn more about our latest visualization of the NASA Space Shuttle program.

Key methodologies: Web application development; technical project management; mixed-methods research; data visualization and storytelling; technical writing

Key technical skills: Python, Django, R, SQL, Natural Language Processing, pandas

Learning-in-progress: TensorFlow, Tableau, JavaScript

Outside of work I love pinball, zines, hikes, cats, and trains.